A Great TV program, license, merchandise, and book.

“There is no love more sincere than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw.

From Fat To Fabulous

E.S. Abramson’s restaurant lovers’ diet, From Fat to Fabulous: A Diet Guide for Restaurant Lovers is pure FUN. No mess, no fuss, no calories, no carbs, no trans-fats to count. Just order off one of the menus in her book and enjoy yourself. She lost 85 pounds and went from a size 22 to a size 12 on her restaurant lovers’ diet and ENJOYED every minute of it. E.S. Abramson’s restaurant lovers’ diet has been on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, HBO, on the radio, on the internet, in major newspapers, and by the Southwest Book Fiesta, St. Louis Jewish Book Festival, Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Cape Girardeau Storytelling Festival, and the Red Hat Society.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon wrote “It is my honor to congratulate you on the completion of your book From Fat to Fabulous: A Diet Guide for Restaurant Lovers. Your book is a great resource for those who enjoy dining out, while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry also wrote “Your accomplishment of losing 85 pounds and 10 dress sizes while eating only restaurant meals is truly remarkable. Enjoying dining out is not something that the residence of the city should have to give up to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your book will be very beneficial in educating the residents of the city on how to pick healthy, well-balanced and delicious meals while at the same time being able to enjoy socializing at their favorite dining establishments.”

“Elaine is our diet diva! She is inspirational!” Cathy Cummings, Nurse, St. Louis Orthopedic Institute.

“Wow! Elaine, where did you leave your Siamese twin?” Christopher Fulton, Senior Engineer.

Available as an eBook or a paperback book.
Paperback. 410 pages.
ISBN-13: 978-0615680385 and ISBN-10: 0615680380.


From Fat To Fabulous Book Cover

Available as an eBook or as a paperback book.
Paperback. 294 pages.
ISBN 13: 978-0615907178 and ISBN 10: 0615907172.



Paperback: 308 pages.
ISBN: 10:0692370889.
ISBN:  13: 978-0692370889.


Thursday's Child

E.S. Abramson relates 43 short stories based on her unique and unusual life. Hers was a life that only she could have lived. Laugh and cry along with her. You will be glad you did.

“Written with humor and a unique perspective,” Martin Stanley, Software Engineer.

Paperback. 272 pages.
ISBN-13:978-0615730547 and ISBN-10:061573054X.

Another Thursday's Child (cover)

“Elaine, what a well-written, crazy, improbable, fascinating story this is! It’s just terrific, including your rifling through the trunk in the attic and the sad, sad racism. Hey Stupid! is a little historical gem.” Susan Schnur, Senior Editor, Lilith Magazine.

“I couldn’t put the book down. I could not stop until I had read it from cover to cover.” Ruth Galayda.

“Elaine’s life is a series of short stories. She exemplifies when life gives her lemons she makes lemonade.” Thelma Urich, former National New Letters Chair for the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW), past president of the Missouri State Association of NLAPW, and president of the St. Louis branch of NLAPW.

Available as an eBook or as a paperback book.
Paperback. 248 pages.
ISBN-13: 978-0615788340 and ISBN-10: 0615788343.