Red Carpet Press is a small independent press. To be considered for publication, you must follow our guidelines carefully or your manuscript will not be read. Please read our guidelines carefully.

Red Carpet Press is an adult fiction and nonfiction press. We are looking for great writing, intriguing characters, and something extra special to make our books stand out from the crowd. We are seeking excellent writers who are committed to and excited about marketing their work, promoting their brand online and off, and building a community of readers.


  • Red Carpet Press only accepts manuscripts in Microsoft Word.
  • All manuscripts must be properly formatted.
  • All manuscripts must be double-spaced in Times New Roman.
  • All manuscripts must have a five-space paragraph indentation.
  • Header and body styles set up on the Home tab.
  • One inch margins.
  • New chapters start approximately half way down the page.
  • Name, title, genre, page number in the upper right hand corner of the header.

In  an email send us the following:

  • Put the word “Query” in the subject line.
  • Your name.
  • Your email address.
  • Your phone number.
  • The title of your work.
  • Genre.
  • Approximate word count.
  • Tell us why you wrote the story.
  • Write a ten-word pitch.
  • What are the names of the other stories you have written and/or had published.
  • What social media tools are you using? If you are not using them, would you be willing to use them now?
  • If your work is published, what three things will you do to promote it?

Include a two-page double-spaced synopsis in the body of your email.
Do not send your whole manuscript until an editor requests it.
We give every submission our full attention.
Be patient. Good luck.

Note: Red Carpet Press does not accept any email attachments.


We have great editors who are happy to work with authors through all stages of their career, if they are willing to turn around stories quickly.

Red Carpet Press is publishing an anthology entitled We are Thursday’s Children. We are seeking short nonfiction stories by people born on a Thursday. Read Thursday’s Child to see the style and type of stories we are seeking.

In the coming years, Red Carpet Press will publish a series of anthologies based on birth days using the days of the week. i.e. Sunday’s Children, Monday’s Children, Tuesday’s Children, Wednesday’s Children, Friday’s Children, and Saturday’s Children. Presently we are only seeking submissions for Thursday’s Children.


All accepted stories will appear in our Ebook anthologies. Authors are paid twice a year. Royalties are based on sales.